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    Id first like Everyone to dead this thread. The Card Value List is not the definitive source on Values in YuGiOh Online 3, it is only a guide to set you on the right path when checking for Card Values. We do not control, nor does anyone, the fluctuation in the market of the YuGiOh Online Community. Our list is fully sourced from multiple locations as well as the live feed from YuGiOh Online.

    If you have any Problems PM the site Admin and we will correct it as soon as possible.

    Last Edited on March 10th 2011

    Absolute Powerforce

    Stardust Overdrive

    Ancient Prophecy

    Raging Battle

    Crimson Crisis

    Crossroads of Chaos

    The Duelist Genesis

    Duel Terminal

    Duelist Trial

    Evolution Match


    Ultimate Match

    Boosterpass Cards

    Mileage Cards