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    Here is an Effect Monster Card.

    "Effect Monster"
    1. Monsters Name, This can include its archetype or other significant reference.
    2. Monsters Attribute.
    3. Monsters Level, 1-12.
    4. Monsters Image.
    5. Monsters Type, such as Dragon, Spellcaster, Warrior...etc.
    6. Monsters Description, On normal monsters it gives a bit of flavor text.
    7. Monsters ATK(Attack) Points.
    8. Monsters DEF(Defence) Points.

    Effect Monster Cards, are probably the most common monster cards in the game. They have an effect which activates or can be activated when they are summoned to the field, in your Hand, in your Deck or in the Graveyard. Fusion Monster Cards, Ritual Monster Cards and Synchro Monster Cards can also be effect monsters.