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    Here is a Fusion Monster Card.

    "Fusion Monster"
    1. Monsters Name, This can include its archetype or other significant reference.
    2. Monsters Attribute.
    3. Monsters Level, 1-12.
    4. Monsters Image.
    5. Monsters Type, such as Dragon, Spellcaster, Warrior...etc.
    6. Monsters Description, On normal monsters it gives a bit of flavor text.
    7. Monsters ATK(Attack) Points.
    8. Monsters DEF(Defence) Points.

    Fusion Monster Cards, colored violet, are cards representing a combination of two or more monsters. Fusion Monster Cards may only be included in the Extra Deck, and cannot exist in the hand or Main Deck. If a Fusion Monster Card is returned to its owner's hand or Deck, it is instead sent back to the Extra Deck. However, they may be sent to the Graveyard when destroyed, as well as removed from play.