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    A Monster Cards Level is a rough indication of the cards power. It is represented by the number of stars in the top right of the card. Sometimes the term Level is replaced by the term Stars. The Level rage goes from 1-12. Below are examples of cards ranging from Level 1 to 12.

    1. Kuriboh
    2. Man-Eater Bug
    3. Giant Soldier of Stone
    4. Obnoxious Celtic Guard
    5. Curse of Dragon
    6. Dark Magician Girl
    7. Dark Magician
    8. Black Luster Soldier
    9. Sorcerer of Dark Magic
    10. Slifer the Sky Dragon
    11. Gate Guardian
    12. Dragon Master Knight
    • Monsters that are Level 5-6 must tribute 1 monster to be Normal Summoned unless stated otherwise.
    • Monsters that are Level 7+ must tribute 2 monsters to be Normal Summoned unless stated otherwise.

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