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    Here is a Normal Monster Card.

    "Normal Monster"
    1. Monsters Name, This can include its archetype or other significant reference.
    2. Monsters Attribute.
    3. Monsters Level, 1-12.
    4. Monsters Image.
    5. Monsters Type, such as Dragon, Spellcaster, Warrior...etc.
    6. Monsters Description, On normal monsters it gives a bit of flavor text.
    7. Monsters ATK(Attack) Points.
    8. Monsters DEF(Defence) Points.

    Normal Monster Cards, are cards without effects. They aren’t as commonly used as they once were, as many monsters released now have effects. However, they’re very useful in decks such as Ritual Decks, where with the use of Advanced Ritual Art you can use Normal Monsters from your deck as tribute. There are also Normal Monsters that act as Tuners for Synchro Summons.