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    Here is a Synchro Monster Card.

    "Synchro Monster"
    1. Monsters Name, This can include its archetype or other significant reference.
    2. Monsters Attribute.
    3. Monsters Level, 1-12.
    4. Monsters Image.
    5. Monsters Type, such as Dragon, Spellcaster, Warrior...etc.
    6. Monsters Description, On normal monsters it gives a bit of flavor text.
    7. Monsters ATK(Attack) Points.
    8. Monsters DEF(Defence) Points.

    Synchro Monsters are the newest type of Monster Card, first released in Pack 49. The color of their card frame is white. These cards are included in the Extra Deck.

    Synchro Monsters require Tuner Monsters to be face-up on your Field. When the total Level of the Tuner monster and any other face-up monsters on your Field exactly matches the Level of the Synchro Monster you wish to Summon (no more or less); by sending them to the Graveyard, you can "Synchro Summon" the Synchro monster. Some Synchro Monsters require a specific "Tuner Monster" in order to be Synchro Summoned (such as "Junk Synchron" for "Junk Warrior") or monsters of a particular Type or Attribute as Material Monsters, but many do not, so they can be in just about any Extra Deck.